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Ionising Radiation

historical X-ray picture year 1896 www.roentgen-museum.de / nuclear explosion on October 31, 1952Ionising Radiation

Ionising radiation includes both electromagnetic radiation – such as X-rays and gamma radiation – and particle radiation – such as alpha, beta and neutron radiation. Its main feature is that it has enough energy to ionise atoms and molecules, i. e. to generate positively and negatively charged particles from electrically neutral atoms and molecules. When going through matter – e. g. through a cell or an organism – ionising radiation gives off energy. If this energy is high enough serious radiation damages can occur.

Ionising radiation is both part of nature and the result of human activities.Natural radioactive substances exist in man and in the soils and rocks of the earth´s crust. In the medical field, in research, technology and through using nuclear energy radioactive substances are used purposefully and generated artificially.


Latest News

Messnetz zur Überwachung der Gamma-Ortsdosisleistung
Als eine der wichtigsten Messeinrichtungen betreibt das BfS auf Grundlage des Strahlenschutzvorsorgegesetzes (StrVG) ein bundesweites Messnetz zur großräumigen Ermittlung der äußeren Strahlenbelastung durch kontinuierliche Messung der Gamma-Ortsdosisleistung (ODL). more...

Measures for the protection from elevated radon concentrations in buildings

It is reasonable to refurbish buildings with a radon exposure above an annual mean value of 100 becquerel per cubic metre compartment air. Such values are mainly measured in areas/regions with high natural radon concentration in the soil. Persons staying in rooms with enhanced radon contents in the air over years, have a higher risk of contracting lung cancer. more...
Geprüfte Qualität auf höchstem Niveau: Freiburger Messlabore des BfS

Gleich zwei Labore des Bundesamtes für Strahlenschutz (BfS) haben in diesem Jahr erfolgreich das strenge und aufwendige Qualitätsprüfungsverfahren der Deutschen Akkreditierungsstelle (DAkkS) abgeschlossen. Beide Einrichtungen können bereits geringste Spuren radioaktiver Stoffe in der Luft messen: Geprüft wurden sowohl das Gammaspektrometrie- als auch das Edelgaslabor in Freiburg. more...
X-ray scanner for the screening of cabin baggage at airports

In Germany, the use of X-ray scanners for the screening of cabin baggage at airports is justified under the legal basis of the binding Regulation 300/2008 in connection with 185/2010 of the European Parliament concerning civil aviation security. The devices have to undergo a primary inspection as well as regular control checks in order to ensure that in the vicinity of the devices, where employees or other persons may linger, the dose limit for a single person of the general public (including pregnant women and children) is not exceeded, even during a permanent stay (full text in German only). more...