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Latest News

Nuclear disposal in the conflict area of technical necessities and societal realities
Due to the enormous long-term risks, radioactive waste disposal is – notwithstanding the polluter-pays principle – no task for nuclear power plant operators and other producers of such waste, but a task for the federal government. In the Atomic Energy Act, the legislator assigned the task of constructing and operating federal facilities for the disposal of radioactive waste to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection.  Radioactive waste management – of which disposal is the last step  – is the core of the ... more...

Financing responsibility for the dismantling of nuclear facilities

Which costs accrue to the federation by the dismantling and decommissioning of nuclear facilities? more...
Damaged waste drums: References to the Konrad mine misleading

In reports on damaged waste drums it is frequently stated that already years ago, these drums should have been emplaced in the Konrad repository. Fact is: more...
Beim Mobiltelefon auf den Strahlenschutz achten - wie geht das?

Smartphone mit Bluetooth-FunktionWer beim Handy oder Smartphone nach strahlungsarmen Modellen sucht, sollte auf den SAR-Wert achten. Regelmäßig gibt das Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz eine aktuelle Auflistung von auf dem Markt erhältlichen Mobiltelefonen heraus. Mittlerweile erfasst die Liste der Strahlenschützer fast 2300 Modelle. Sie sind unter veröffentlicht. more...