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Through the use of certain technologies – e. g. power supply network and mobile communication – electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields are generated in man´s environment. These fields can be described by their strength (amplitude), their oscillation (wave length) and number of oscillations (frequency). One differentiates high-frequency and low-frequency fields, they are part – as is optical radiation – of non-ionising radiation. In contrast to ionising radiation – e. g. X-rays – the energy of this radiation is not sufficient for charging atoms and molecules electrically – for ionising them. Nevertheless can this type of irradiation have impacts on health. Different concepts serve to protect against immediate hazards and as precaution.

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Electronic Article Surveillance
Electronic article surveillance systems (EAS) are deployed in retail stores to protect against theft. Special tags which are attached to the products interact with the electromagnetic field of detectors mounted at the entrance/exits of the stores. They can cause an alarm. Devices currently in use operate over a wide range of frequencies, using continuous wave or different pulse modalities. No health hazard from EAS is expected for the general public, since time of exposure is usually very short, but precautionary measures might be necessary for patients wearing medical devices (full text in German only). more...

Grid expansion: answers to frequently asked questions

Strommast auf einer Weide mit Fragezeichen Renewable energies from wind and sun have to go from strength to strength - as decided by the German government. According to recent polls, more and more people favour this approach in Germany. However, there are still disputes with local citizens who are concerned with the grid expansion. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection /BfS) is answering corresponding FAQ´s (full text in German only). more...
Umweltzeichen "Blauer Engel" für Mobiltelefone - wie viele Geräte bereits jetzt damit ausgezeichnet werden könnten

Blauer Engel
(Bildquelle: Blauer Engel)
Das Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz (BfS) erhebt seit 2002 regelmäßig bei den Herstellern die spezifische Absorptionsrate (SAR-Werte) von auf dem Markt erhältlichen Mobiltelefonen (Handys). more...

Zwischen 1992 und 1995 gingen in Deutschland die ersten vollständig digitalen Mobilfunknetze in Betrieb. Die auch heute noch betriebenen Netze arbeiten nach dem GSM-Standard (Global System for Mobile Communications). Sie nutzen Funkfrequenzen im Bereich von 900 MHz im D-Netz und 1800 MHz im E-Netz. more...