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Nuclear safety: Regulatory framework
nuclear regulatory pyramid There are appropriate provisions and regulations in Germany to regulate the safety of nuclear installations. The requirements for nuclear safety are described in numerous provisions with different degrees of bindingness.

The German nuclear regulatory framework presents a hierarchically structured pyramid, the so-called regulatory pyramid. more...

Damaged waste drums: References to the Konrad mine misleading

In reports on damaged waste drums it is frequently stated that already years ago, these drums should have been emplaced in the Konrad repository. Fact is: more...
Grid expansion: answers to frequently asked questions

Strommast auf einer Weide mit Fragezeichen Renewable energies from wind and sun have to go from strength to strength - as decided by the German government. According to recent polls, more and more people favour this approach in Germany. However, there are still disputes with local citizens who are concerned with the grid expansion. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection /BfS) is answering corresponding FAQ´s (full text in German only). more...
Aktuelle Information zum Zwischenlager Brunsbüttel

Das Bundesverwaltungsgericht hat die Beschwerde des Bundesamtes für Strahlenschutz auf Zulassung der Revision im Verfahren um das Standortzwischenlager Brunsbüttel abgelehnt. Damit ist die Aufbewahrungsgenehmigung für das Zwischenlager Brunsbüttel aufgehoben. Der Betreiber des Zwischenlagers ist nun in der Verantwortung, eine neue Genehmigung für die Lagerung der Castorbehälter in dem Zwischenlager zu beantragen. more...