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Dose coefficients to calculate radiation exposure
The Radiation Protection Ordinance (Strahlenschutzverordnung - StrlSchV) determines dose limits and reference levels for the radiation exposure to the public during everyday life and professional occupation. Dose coefficients are used to calculate the radiation exposure.

The dose coefficients were published in the Bundesanzeiger No. 160a and 160b of 28 August 2001.

The following texts and tables are only available in German.

Title and content 7 kB PDF-Logo
Part I - Dose rate coefficients for external radiation exposure 1100 kB PDF-Logo
Part II - Dose coefficients for internal radiation exposure for individuals of the public                 
  Part 1 - Title and tables from H3 to Rh105 1200 kB PDF-Logo
  Part 2 - Tables from Rh106m to I135 1150 kB PDF-Logo
  Part 3 - Tables from Cs125 to Pm149 770 kB PDF-Logo
  Part 4 - Tables from Pm150 to Hf170 950 kB PDF-Logo
  Part 5 - Tables from Hf172 to Hg203 1250 kB PDF-Logo
  Part 6 - Tables from Tl194 to Pu241 1150 kB PDF-Logo
  part 7 - Tables from Pu242 to Md258 600 kB PDF-Logo
Part III - Dose coefficients for internal occupational radiation exposure 660 kB PDF-Logo
Part IV- Classification of the compounds according to the class of pulmonic absorption 12 kB PDF-Logo
Part V - Classification of the compounds according to the class of ingestion 6 kB 

Note: The ICRP (International Commission on Radiological Protection) has the intellectual property rights of these dose coefficients.

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