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Latest News

Mobile repository exposition 2014
Container It is planned to shut down the last nuclear power plant in Germany at the end of 2022. But where are the radiating relics of the nuclear age to go? From 29 to 31 October 2014, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection's (BfS) mobile repository exhibition in München illustrates the challenges that have to be met in the process of searching a repository for radioactive waste. more...

BfS weist Behauptungen des Präsidenten des Atomforums e.V. zurück

In einem Medienbericht vom 17. Oktober 2014 wird der Präsident des Kernenergie-Interessenverbandes Deutsches Atomforum e.V., Ralf Güldner, mit unzutreffenden Behauptungen über Schacht Konrad und das BfS zitiert. Das BfS stellt hierzu klar: more...
Operation of the Gorleben mine will be reduced to a minimum

The Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) has presented the new main operating plan for the Gorleben mine as agreed. This plan constitutes a central element of the agreement reached between the Federal Ministry for the Environment, the Lower-Saxonian Ministry for the Environment and BfS on 29 July 2014. In July the parties involved came to an understanding about the details of how the Gorleben mine will be kept operable. Operation of the mining installations will thus be reduced to a minimum. The new operating plan that BfS has submitted to the competent Lower-Saxonian mining authority contains details of the technical arrangements with respect to how the mine will be kept operable. The previous main operating plan will be invalid as of 1 October. more...
Drums containing radioactive waste in Brunsbüttel: References to the Konrad mine misleading

In reports on damaged waste drums in the Brunsbüttel nuclear power plant it is frequently stated that already years ago, these drums should have been emplaced in the Konrad repository. Fact is: more...