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BfS wants to promote radiation protection in Europe

BfS experts significantly participate in European research cooperation

Year of issue 2017
Date 2017.12.20


The Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, BfS) is actively involved in strengthening international radiation protection research. The new president of the European research platform MELODI (Multidisciplinary European Low Dose Initiative) is Dr. Thomas Jung, head of the BfS department "Radiation Protection and Health". MELODI coordinates effective and sustainable low-dose radiation risk research across Europe. To this end, a long-term strategic research agenda (Strategic Research Agenda, SRA) for research into radiation risk is continuously being developed, headed by Dr. Michaela Kreuzer, head of the department "Effects and Risks of Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation" in the BfS.

Even after the decision to phase out nuclear energy in Germany, the radiation risk in Germany has not disappeared. Innovations in technology and health care raise scientific and ethical questions on the effects and risks for individuals and pose new challenges to medicine, science, ethics and politics. Modern concepts for radiation protection must respond to these developments and be embedded in a legal framework in Europe and Germany. With its scientific and regulatory competence, the BfS therefore participates specifically in European initiatives for radiation protection research.

MELODI was founded in 2010 as a registered association with 15 members from 11 European countries. The BfS is one of the founding members. The strategic research agenda identifies three research areas in radiation risk research at low doses or dose rates in which previously unresolved issues are to be addressed. This includes

For a better understanding of the hazards of low-dose radiation exposure

The aim for all three subareas is to develop a better understanding of those biological mechanisms that contribute to radiation-related diseases. In addition, epidemiological research for a better health risk assessment will be pursued and the effects and risks of internal radiation exposures, different radiation qualities and inhomogeneous exposures will be investigated in more detail. The latest version of MELODI's Strategic Research Agenda was recently published in the scientific journal "Radiation and Environmental Biophysics" under the leadership of PD Dr. Michaela Kreuzer.

In addition to its active participation in MELODI, the BfS coordinates the joint European radiation protection research programme CONCERT. CONCERT aims to establish a joint programme for radiation protection research based on the strategic programmes of the European research platforms. In addition to MELODI (radiation risk in the low-dose range), the platforms ALLIANCE (radioecology), NERIS (nuclear and radiological emergency protection) and EURADOS (dosimetry) as well as EURAMED (radiation protection in medicine) belong to the platforms. The aim is to improve radia-tion protection in Europe, answer open questions, reduce scientific uncertainties and provide scientific support for the implementation of the EURATOM basic standards in national legal regulations. CONCERT is the name of the "European Joint Programme for the Integration of Radiation Protection Research".

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