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Greater participation in power network expansion

BfS begins online consultation as part of radiation protection research

Year of issue 2017
Date 2017.07.17

Title page invitation to the launch event of the BfS research programme for radiation protection in the expansion of the power networkThe research programme investigates the effect of magnetic alternating fields on people

To enable the broadest possible debate about aspects of radiation protection in the expansion of the power network, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) has opened up on its website the opportunity to participate in a radiation protection research programme already started as part of the expansion of the power network. Until the middle of September, interested parties have the opportunity of viewing the individual projects within the programme and giving a statement of their position online. This is to be evaluated by the BfS and considered in the further planning of the research programme. The objective of the online consultation is a comprehensive discussion from the start about all questions of health and radiation protection. In this way, the BfS contributes significantly to making the debate about network expansion more objective.

The President of the BfS, Inge Paulini, presented the radiation protection research programme as part of the power network expansion at a symposium in Berlin on Tuesday. Over 30 projects are planned, in which open issues are to be clarified. It is true that according to current information no health hazards are derived from electrical and magnetic fields close to high voltage cables, as long as limit values are adhered to. But there are still scientific uncertainties in some areas. These include for example the issue of whether there could be a connection between these fields and degenerative illnesses of the nervous system or leukaemia in children.

The research programme represents a milestone for the expansion of the BfS as a centre of expertise for radiation protection in the expansion of the power network. The federal authorities can rely on comprehensive experience in the clarification of possible health effects from new technologies in the field of radiation protection. In the mid 2000s, the BfS initiated the German mobile telecommunications research programme, the largest project worldwide in this field. This also offers the opportunity for interested parties to participate actively in the research project and to give a statement of their position on the website.

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