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Electromagnetic fieldsWhat are electromagnetic fields?

Electric and magnetic fields describe the spatial distribution of a force which can act upon electric charges and currents. Electromagnetic fields can be generated artificially, but also occur naturally in the environment. They belong to "non-ionising radiation". Electromagnetic fields are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Over its entire range, the spectrum extends from static electric and magnetic fields over optical radiation to very energetic gamma radiation.


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Ionising radiationWhat is ionising radiation?

Radiation - emanating from a radiation source - transports energy. The energy is transported in the form of electromagnetic waves (as with X-radiation) or as particle flow (as with alpha /beta radiation for example).

Optical RadiationWhat is optical radiation?

Optical radiation is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is subdivided into ultraviolet radiation (UV), the spectrum of light visible for man (VIS) and infrared radiation (IR).

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