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Optical Radiation

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Optische Strahlung

Sun - but safe!

Ultraviolet (UV-) radiation is electromagnetic radiation. The sun is the most influential source of natural UV-radiation. Sunrays are composed of warmth-emitting infrared-radiation, light and UV-radiation.

Die Sonne hat für das Leben auf der Erde fundamentale Bedeutung.

What is solar radiation?

The sun is essential for life on earth. Many vital processes on the earth’s surface, such as climate and life itself, are fuelled by radiation energy from the sun. About 99.98 per cent of the overall energy accountable for the global climate originate from the sun.

Sonne am Himmel von Wolken umsäumt

Sun, UV radiation and ozone

As sunlight passes through the earth’s atmosphere, its intensity and spectral distribution are subject to changes caused by absorption, reflection and scattering. Most of the so-called "solar UV radiation", i.e. ultraviolet radiation from the sun, is absorbed by ozone in the stratosphere and troposphere. This filter function heavily depends on the UV wavelength.

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