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Optische Strahlung

Protection against UV radiation

How beautiful it is when the sun shines! However, sun protection is indispensable because solar radiation involves not only positive effects on the body and wellbeing, but also dangers to health from the ultraviolet (UV) radiation contained in sunlight.

Why UV radiation protection?

UV radiation impacts on the human body. Skin and eyes are affected. There UV radiation can cause numerous health problems - in the worst case skin cancer. The number of skin cancer cases continues to rise in Germany - and worldwide. In Germany, the number of new skin cancer cases doubles every 10 to 15 years.

UV skin protection

Ultraviolet (UV-) radiation can cause permanent damage to your skin. It is therefore strongly recommended to give protection to your skin with a sunscreen adapted to your individual skin type.

UV-Protection by clothing

The best way to protect yourself from UV-damage outdoors is to cover up accordingly. Every piece of clothing will protect you from acute ultraviolet (UV-) radiation. The degree of protection provided by clothing primarily depends on the fabric type and density. The rule of thumb is the denser woven, the better protected. Even special UV-protective clothing is offered today.

Tips on UV protection

If your skin is not used to sunlight, it should always be slowly accustomed to a prolonged exposure to sunlight. Stay in shadow during the first days. It is essential to avoid sunburn. That can best be achieved by sun protection according to your skin type and by consequently following the sun protection rules.

UV eye protection

Ultraviolet (UV-) radiation can cause permanent damage to both the skin and eyes. It is therefore strongly recommended not only to observe the sun protection rules but also to effectively protect the eyes from the sun.

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