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The Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, BfS) initiated an interdisciplinary "Alliance for UV Protection" uniting experts from science and medicine. The alliance partners have been advocating UV protection and skin cancer prevention for many years, emphasizing reasonable exposure to UV radiation. Their common goal is to reduce the incidence of new cases of skin cancer and other damage to health from UV radiaiton.

Why an Alliance for UV Protection?

As a result of natural and man-made UV radiation, every seventh man and every ninth woman in Germany develop skin cancer up to the age of 75 – with increasing trend. In Germany alone the incidence of skin cancer doubled in the past every 10 to 15 years.

Although there is evidence of health risks available in the population, appropriate UV protection is still not being used as a matter of course. The risk is still underestimated.

Networking of stakeholders in UV protection as provided by the Alliance for UV Protection is an important step towards risk awareness. The common message "UV protection is healthy" promoted by many well-known organisations, institutions, associations and societies of science, medicine and politics has more impact than announcing the same message by single actors.

Raising awareness for health risks to ensure behaviour change

The Alliance is aimed at unifying individual scientific specialties to provide consistent information not only on the risks associated with careless exposure to UV radiation but also on effective UV protection and skin cancer prevention. Scientific results on, and effects of UV radiation are consolidated by the Alliance, and information on health consequences will be given in plain language.

The partners in this Alliance discuss the present state of knowledge on UV radiation to provide consistent information on, and recommendations for health-promoting UV radiation related protection behaviour. Jointly supported actions will be scheduled to raise awareness of health risks from UV radiation and to ensure a sustainable change in behaviour.

State of 2017.01.09

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