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Optical Radiation

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Optische Strahlung

UV forecast

  • UV index forecasts are issued every 3 days each year from April to September by BfS, in cooperation with the Federal Environment Agency, Germany's National Meteorological Service and other associated institutions. From October to March monthly forecasts are presented.
  • The UV index is the internationally standardised measure of the daily peak value of erythemally effective UV radiation expected to reach the Earth’s surface.
  • The higher the UVI value, the less time it takes for sunburn to occur on unprotected skin.

During wintertime from October to March UV exposure is low in Germany. Therefore, as opposed to summertime, only monthly forecasts of the UV index are presented here. They depict the maximal values of the UV index for the indicated months at cloudless conditions.

It has to be kept in mind that during winter vacation in the mountains the UV exposure can be significantly higher, due to altitude and reflection of UV radiation at snow. Therefore, protection measures especially of eyes, lips, nose, etc. may be necessary.

From April to September, current 3-day-forecasts are presented here.

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