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Ionising radiation

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Ionisierende Strahlung

Incorporation monitoring

When handling open radioactive substances it may occure that radionuclides are incorporated into the body, e.g. by inhalation, ingestion, through the skin or through an open wound. This leads to internal radiation exposure. It is the task of incorporation monitoring to assess the internal doses retrospectively.

Individual to be measured in a whole body counter

BfS Coordinating Office on Incorporation Monitoring

The Coordinating Office on Incorporation Monitoring of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection is responsible for the quality assurance of monitoring methods, the standardisation and harmonisation of analytical, measurement and interpretation procedures, awarding research and development work (UFOPLAN projects), advising and reporting. In addition, the Office is integrated into the radiological emergency management.

Interlaboratory comparisons

One of the major tasks of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection's (BfS) Coordinating Office on Incorporation Monitoring is to support the approved laboratories for incorporation monitoring (ALfIM) in their quality assurance in all stages in assessing the internal dose. This means that the Coordinating Office has to take special care of the regular performance of intercomparisons in the in-vivo laboratories (whole body and partial body counter) and the in-vitro laboratories (excretion analysis).

Procedure of Incorporation Monitoring

For the handling of sources of ionising radiation, dose limits for the workers have been laid down in the German Radiation Protection Ordinance (Strahlenschutzverordnung - StrlSchV). For the effective dose this value is 20 mSv per year. When handling open radioactive substances, the body dose can be composed of external and/or internal radiation exposure, depending on working conditions, the chemical form of the used substances and the type of radionuclides.

Approved Laboratories for Incorporation Monitoring (ALIM)

Approved Laboratories for Incorporation Monitoring (ALIM)

In Germany the accredited laboratories (ALIM) are responsible for the monitoring of incorporations within the framework of physical radiation protection control. These laboratories apply the monitoring methods usual for the assessment of the body dose in case of internal radiation exposure

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