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Ionising radiation

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Ionisierende Strahlung

Radiation Protection Register

The Radiation Protection Register (SSR) is a central dose register for the surveillance of occupational radiation exposure. It has the task to control continuously the keeping of the body dose limits of all occupationally exposed persons in Germany and to register issued radiation passbooks for itinerant workers.

Radiation Protection Register - Overview and contact

The Radiation Protection Register (SSR) contributes to the radiation protection monitoring of workers who are occupationally exposed to ionising radiation. Thus, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) fulfils a statutory task previously laid down in the Atomic Energy Act. After commencement of the new Radiation Protection Act, this task is laid down there.

Information on the new legal requirements in occupational radiation protection

As a result of the new Radiation Protection Act (Section 170 StrlSchG) there will be important changes of the data that have to be submitted to the Radiation Protection Register. In particular all individuals subject to registration in the Radiation Protection Register (occupationally exposed individuals and radiation passport holders) need a unique identification number: the Radiation Protection Register Number (SSR Number) starting from 31 December 2018. With the SSR Number, it will be easier and better possible to assign and balance the individual dose values from occupational radiation exposure in the BfS Radiation Protection Register. Moreover it substitutes the previous Radiation Passport Number.

Since 31 December 2018 it is possible to apply for the SSR Number at the BfS.

The address of the SSR Portal for the application for the SSR Number is:

The SSR Number - basic information and how to apply for it

The SSR Number is a unique identification number used in occupational radiation protection based on the new legal requirements.

Since 31 December 2018 the BfS provides an encrypted and password protected web portal for the application for the SSR Number. In a first step, the responsible person needs to register with the portal.

Statistical evaluations from the Radiation Protection Register

In Germany in 2016 about 440,000 people have been classified as occupationally exposed to radiation. Among these, 366,000 workers were monitored with official dosimeters. About 43,000 individuals were part of air craft crews and thus exposed to increased cosmic radiation.

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