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Ionising radiation

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Ionisierende Strahlung

Radiation Protection Register: Results

In Germany in 2015, about 405,000 people have been classified as occupationally exposed to radiation. Among these

  • 360,000 workers were monitored with official dosimeters.
  • 41,000 individuals were part of air craft crews.

Air craft crews are exposed to increased cosmic radiation. Their radiation doses are calculated based on the routes flown.

Nearly 1,600 people were monitored with special measuring methods for incorporation because of a potential intake of radioactive substances through the lungs (inhalation) or the gastrointestinal tract (ingestion):

Determined radiation doses

Measureable doses were received by:

  • 57,000 persons (16 %) of the workers monitored with dosimeters: 0.5 millisievert on an average
  • air crew personnel: 99 %, average annual value 1.9 millisievert
  • 44 persons (3%) out of 1,400 workers monitored for incorporation: average dose 0.3 millisievert
  • 280 (93%) workers monitored because of enhanced levels of natural radioactive substances at workplaces: average annual value 3.7 millisievert

Overview of occupational radiation exposure in Germany

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