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Ionising radiation

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Ionisierende Strahlung

Radiation Protection Register

The Radiation Protection Register is a central dose register for the surveillance of occupational radiation exposure. It has the task to control continuously the keeping of the body dose limits of all occupationally exposed persons in Germany and the issuing of radiation passbooks for itinerant workers. The Radiation Protection Register contributes to the international development of the occupational radiation protection as to the state of science and technology and to the harmonization of the occupational radiation protection monitoring in Europe.

Occupational radiation protection international

In order to be effective and future-oriented, occupational radiation protection has also to engage beyond national borders. Therefore, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection's (BfS) Radiation Protection Register participates in the further development of occupational radiation protection on an international level.

Stewardess in aircraft

Monitoring of aircrews

Cosmic radiation contributes to radiation exposure of man, in particular at high altitudes. Pilots and flight attendants may receive annual effective doses that are comparable to doses received at workplaces where ionising radiation is used or radioactive sources are handled. For this reason, the European Council Directive 96/29 EURATOM requires dose monitoring for aircraft crew members

Radiation exposure in work activities: Guide

In the Guide to the Monitoring of Radiation Exposure in Work Activities, basic legal and practical information is provided for the protection of radiation exposure in work activities, considering in particular work places with natural terrestrial radiation sources such as radon or uranium and thorium and their decay products.

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