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X-ray record card (Röntgenpass)

X-ray record card (Röntgenpass) X-ray record cardX-ray record card (Röntgenpass)

In accordance with § 28 (2) X-ray Ordinance (Röntgenverordnung, RöV), radiology departments and other health facilities in Germany performing X-rays are obliged to keep Röntgenpässe (X-ray record cards) in store and offer a Röntgenpass to any patient exposed to X-ray procedures.

Avoid unnecessary repeat imaging

The personal Röntgenpass can be obtained at the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz, BfS) but also at any radiology department. It is an important tool to avoid unnecessary duplications of X-ray procedures. It also allows reference to previous X-rays procedures.

The following information shall be recorded in the Röntgenpass:

  • Facility carrying out the diagnostic or treatment procedure,
  • Part of body examined or treated,
  • Type and modality of the diagnostic or treatment procedure, and
  • date of the diagnostic or treatment procedure.

Submit your Röntgenpass prior to every new X-ray

Unfortunately, expectations on the introduction of the Röntgenpass have not been satisfied up to now: at present it is only at the patients' request that the Röntgenpass is made available or filled in by physicians in many cases.

Patients should ask for recording of their X-rays and submit the Röntgenpass to the doctor prior to every new X-ray.

Order your Röntgenpass

If you still have got no Röntgenpass you can download it here.

State of 2018.04.09

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