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Ionising radiation

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Ionisierende Strahlung

How can I protect myself from radon?

Protection against radon entering buildings Protection against radon

If there is too much radon in your house, regular intensive ventilation can help in the first instance. The high radon concentrations usually arise because soil air containing radon penetrates from the building subsoil. Because of this

  • new buildings should be sealed against ground humidity and therefore against radon penetration and
  • unsealed points in existing buildings should be identified and sealed.

The suctioning of soil air containing radon from beneath or beside buildings can also help, as can the installation of technical ventilation systems. Only measurements can show whether the concentration of radon in a building requires protection measures.

Drawing of a house with a question mark

When is my house/my flat particularly in danger?

Whether a building is particularly susceptible to the accumulation of radon concentrations depends on various factors – for example the location of the building, its insulation against moisture from the soil and its basement. The BfS has summarised the most important risk factors in an overview.

Radon precautions for a building

Protection measures: What must I do? What can I do?

Various measures help to restrict the concentration of radon in a building and thus offer protection against exposure to radon. The BfS has summarised the most important protection measures in an overview. In the first instance, regular ventilation and sealing unsealed points in cellars and on the ground floor can often help.

Illustration of a radon measuring device

How can I measure radon (or have it measured)?

Radon measurements are inexpensive and straightforward. The simplest option is to measure the radon concentration in the room air with passive detectors, which are laid out in indoor areas for a period of three to twelve months. The BfS provides addresses of quality-tested radon measurement laboratories, who can send detectors by post and evaluate them after measurements.

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