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Ionising radiation

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Ionisierende Strahlung

Decision support systems

In the event of an emergency it is vital to produce predictionsfor the radiological situation in a quick and comprehensible way. Within IMIS, two decision-support systems are available: PARK (short for "Program for the Estimation of Radiological Consequences") and RODOS (short for "Realtime Online Decision Support System"). With the help of these models, future environmental contaminations and the prospective doses can be estimated.

What do the models show?

PARK and RODOS reflect the behavior of radioactive substances in the environment, as well as the pathways of exposure to humans: the external exposure to humans from radiation resulting from a radioactive cloud and the activity deposited on the ground as well as the internal exposure from the incorporation of radionuclides by way of inhalation and ingestion (foodstuff incorporation). The German Weather Service (DWD) supports the BfS during these calculations by providing dispersion prognoses.

Results are displayed in maps showing the urgency of measures. These maps are based on comparisons of prognosticated expositions with the dose limits and/or emergency reference levels of the respective measures.

Maßnahme Gebäudeaufenthalt IMIS. Maßnahme Gebäudeaufenthalt

The picture on the left shows a map on the contamination of leaf vegetables with iodine-131. The European Union (EU) dose limit is 2,000 becquerel per kilogram. The colors (dark green to yellow) indicate that those values are below the EU emergency reference level. In the orange and purple areas, the contamination is higher than the dose limit. The areas displayed in dark green and dark purple are areas where the contamination is much higher respectively much lower than the dose limit.

A green map, for example, indicates that no measures are necessary (confer picture), whereas red shows that measures need to be taken. Pre-formatted maps exist for agricultural products, but also for measures like evacuation, sheltering (staying in the building), thyroid blocking (pharmaceutical use of iodine).

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