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Elektromagnetische Felder

Research reports and evaluations

On this page you may find research reports and evaluations of the BfS on various topics related to mobile communications.

German Mobile Telecommunication Research Programme (DMF)

The German Mobile Telecommunication Research Programme (DMF) had been initiated by the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMUB, former BMU) and the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS). The Programme was funded with 17 million euros, equally shared by the Federal Ministry for the Environment and the network operators.

Mobile phone use and male fertility

The question whether high-frequency electromagnetic fields, such as occur for example during mobile phone calls, affect male fertility has been the subject of numerous national and international studies. The BfS summarises and evaluates the results.

Additional radio frequencies

In 2010 and 2015, the Federal Network Agency allocated additional frequencies for new mobile communication technologies. The Federal Network Agency’s terms of a licence do not specify a certain technology.

Mobile phones in a railway compartment

A publication in a Japanese scientific journal suggests that internationally recommended limit values could be exceeded if several passengers used their mobile phones in a railway compartment simultaneously. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection transferred the study to the German setting and evaluated it.

Danish Cohort Study

The increasing use of mobile phones raises questions about possible adverse health effects, especially about cancer in the head (e.g. brain tumours, eye tumours, acoustic neuroma), as the exposure to electromagnetic fields is highest in this area. Many studies on this topic lack validity due to short observation periods (time between first use of a mobile phone and possible cancer diagnosis) and small sample sizes. In Denmark a cohort study relating to this subject was conducted.

Report by the German Government on research results

The German Government monitors and accompanies the political and scientific discussion on the possible health risks of electromagnetic fields with great interest. In 2001 it set forth precautionary measures in the field of mobile telecommunication systems, which has intensified research in this field.

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