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Danish Cohort Study on Mobile Phones and Cancer

In Denmark a cohort study relating to the possible risk of cancer from the use of mobile phones was conducted. More than 420,000 Danish persons whose first mobile phone subscription was between 1982 and 1995 were followed through 2007 for cancer incidence. The observed number of cancers in the cohort was compared with those expected in the Danish population. There was no evidence for an increased tumour risk due to cellular telephone use among either short-term or long-term users. Potential limitations of this study concern exposure-misclassification due to the use of subscriber data only and the exclusion of occupational users. Overall results are quite consis-tent to those of other published studies, at least for short-term users. Still unclear is the situation for long-term users. Due to biases and errors the results of the so called INTERPHONE study, the largest study on the risk of brain tumours in relation to mobile phone use conducted to date, cannot be interpreted causally regarding intensive and long-term usage of mobile phones.

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