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Elektromagnetische Felder

Precautionary measures

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The limit values for mobile phone base stations and the maximum permissible SAR value for terminals provide protection against the established health effects of high frequency fields used in mobile communications.
However, there are still uncertainties in the risk assessment ( see "Scientifically discussed biological and health effects of high frequency fields") that could not be resolved completely through scientific research, such as within the German Mobile Telecommunication Research Programme (DMF). They concern, in particular,

  • possible health risks for adults as a result of long-term exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic fields due to mobile phone calls (intensive use of mobile phones over a period of at least 10 years) as well as
  • the question whether children might react more sensitively than adults

Appropriate precautionary measures for the supplementation of limit values

The BfS therefore recommends supplementing limit values with appropriate precautionary measures. A central aim of these measures is to reduce the citizens’ exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic fields.

The resulting recommendations on mobile communications are especially addressed to consumers using mobile and smartphones.

Furthermore, as part of the precautionary measures the following has to be ensured:

  • extensive neutral and factual information is made available to the citizens
  • scientific uncertainties are reduced by targeted and coordinated research.
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