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Electromagnetic fields

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Elektromagnetische Felder

Limit values for static and low frequency fields

The 26th Ordinance Implementing the Federal Immission Control Act (Ordinance on electromagnetic fields – Verordnung über elektromagnetische Felder zum Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetz – 26 BImSchV) sets limits to protect the public against health hazards due to electric and magnetic fields from direct current and low frequency systems.

Occupational safety

At certain workplaces high levels of electric and magnetic fields can occur. At such workplaces field intensity can exceed the internationally recommended limits for the exposure of the general public.


According to current scientific knowledge, the protection of the health of the population is also ensured under permanent exposure by compliance with the limit values set in the Twenty-sixth Ordinance Implementing the Federal Immission Control Act (Ordinance on Electromagnetic Fields - 26th BlmSchV). However, apart from proven health effects there exists scientific evidence of health risks at low field intensities. In order to account for this uncertainty the Federal Office for Radiation Protection demands precautionary measures.

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