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Electromagnetic fields

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Elektromagnetische Felder


Man has been exposed to electrical and magnetic fields since the introduction of electrical power. These fields have various effects on the human body, depending on their intensity.

Proven effects on health caused by the fields around power supplies

All living organisms contain many electrically charged particles. Their movement results in electric fields and currents. Electric and magnetic fields can cause additional body fields and currents and thereby may irritate muscle cells and neurons.

Further impacts of low-frequency fields on the environment

In the debate on grid expansion and high-voltage power lines, the discharge effects in the immediate vicinity of the lines ("corona effects") and their impact on animals and plants are of major relevance.

Scientifically discussed effects of low-frequency fields

Strong electric and magnetic fields exceeding the existing limit values can lead to health impairments. Whether low-frequency fields could have any further health effects, apart from these established effects, - possibly below the limit values, too - is currently being researched.

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