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Please find below statements of the BfS on current BfS topics.

Current comments on topics that belonged to the tasks of the BfS until April 2017 and were assigned to other organisations as part of the realignment of the organisational structure in the field of radioactive waste management are also included.

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Ionising radiation How dangerous is exposure to low-dose radiation?

Protracted exposure to radiation can increase the risk of cancer and leukaemia even at low doses. This assumption is supported by the so-called INWORKS study. Based on theoretical considerations, international radiation protection systems assume that there exists no safe threshold for radiation exposure.

Statements on nuclear waste management

On 30 July 2016, the federal tasks in the field of nuclear waste management were transferred to a majority from the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) to the Federal Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Management (BfE) which was founded in 2014. BfS comments from the years 2010-2016 to these topics are archived on the website of the BfE.

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