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Ionising radiation New radiation protection registration to better protect employees

Employees who are exposed to elevated levels of radiation in their jobs will benefit from better protection. All affected employees will soon have a radiation protection registration number (SSR number), which will remain unchanged even if the employees change their workplace or name. From 31 December 2018, employers will have three months' time to apply for these registration numbers.

Electromagnetic fields Shining eyes - radiant mobile?

People looking to treat their loved ones with a mobile or tablet for Christmas should consider low-radiation devices when making their purchase. On its website, the BfS provides information about the SAR values of current devices and their predecessors. According to current statistics, 61% of Germans buy a new mobile at least once per year and 86% own a smartphone. And smartphones and tablets are some of the favourite gifts under the Christmas tree.

Optical Radiation When Santa Claus comes

Short days and the desire for comfort let apartments and houses shine in artificial light, especially in the pre-Christmas season. Approximately 73 percent of households use LEDs as interior illumination; their market share rose from 1.4 percent to 61 percent in the last years. To avoid risks for the eye, the BfS recommends using artificial illumination with a low portion of blue light.

Ionising radiation BfS measures radioactivity in Oranienburg area

Experts of the BfS and the Federal Police Force train the measurement of radioactivity from a helicopter in the Oranienburg area. The joint exercise aims at helicopters and crews being operational at any time in a radiological emergency. At the same time it should provide findings as to whether radioactive residues from industrial companies stemming from the time before and during WW2 can still be detected in the municipal area of Oranienburg.

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