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Optical Radiation Climate change also entails higher UV radiation

Germany suffers a heatwave, and it has been going on for weeks. Scientists and environmentalists are warning of the irreversible consequences of climate change. However, there is one thing we often forget: Climate change also aggravates the problem of UV radiation. And just in these hot days many of us become aware that there is no tree in the proximity that might offer shade to protect us from the sun. The BfS wants to create better possibilities for people to protect themselves. This includes, among other things, more shady places.

Optical Radiation Use of strong light sources in cosmetics associated with risks

The use of strong light sources in cosmetics is associated with health risks. A current poll on behalf of the BfS has shown that just under one fifth of the treatments resulted in permanent side effects, such as scars. Another two fifth had non-permanent side effects. "The poll confirms that the optical irradiation of the skin may have unpleasant consequences. Therefore, we promote a sound education of persons providing such treatments in cosmetics on a professional basis," BfS President Inge Paulini said.

Ionising radiation BfS brings together international expertise on biological dosimetry

To be able to effectively estimate the potential individual radiation dose received by as many affected persons as possible in the event of a major radiation accident, the RENEB network e.V was established in 2017 under the auspices of the BfS. Dr. Ulrike Kulka, head of the BfS section Biological Dosimetry, was elected Chairwoman at the network's first general meeting held on June 10, 2018, in Neuherberg.

Optical Radiation Off you go on holidays – but without sunburn

Whether on the beach, in the mountains or by the outdoor pool – the start to summer holidays in several federal states entices many people to spend a great deal of time outdoors. In order to not have spoiled the fun by sunburn, the BfS recommends to be careful when exposed to the sun. "Those enjoying the sun on holidays should avoid sunburn," Dr. Inge Paulini, President of the BfS, says. "In view of the increasing number of skin cancer diseases, we urgently recommend sufficient sun protection."

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