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Poster vom Europäischen Radontag Source: European Radon Association

Ionising radiation First European Radon Day

The European Radon Association proclaimed 7 November “European Radon Day”. With good reason: The radioactive noble gas is the leading cause of death from lung cancer after smoking. Radon occurs everywhere in soil. Larger amounts entering a building increase the lung cancer risk of residents.

Ionising radiation Incurable form of leukaemia genetically decoded

Cancer can occur spontaneously, but it can also be due to genetic predispositions, as well as lifestyle (particularly diet), or environmental influences. Environmental risk factors have long been known for many tumour types. Yet comparatively little is known about environmental risk factors for childhood leukaemia. Weak radiation is suspected to play a role, among others.

Optical Radiation BfS recommends protection from sunburn

Due to the current weather conditions, UV-radiation is expected to be very strong up to the weekend in Germany.
The UV index (UVI) is a measure of the power of solar radiation. It can reach a value of 8, or even 9 in the South, today and over the next few days.

With values like this, you can get sunburnt even at a very short time spent in the sun. Since sunburns increase the risk to develop skin cancer, sun protection is strongly advised.

Ionising radiation Practising radioactivity measurements from the air

From 15 to 18 June, measurement experts from different countries will use helicopters to determine the radioactivity at ground level in parts of Saxony, Thuringia and the Czech Republic. These measurement flights are part of an international exercise hosted by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) and the Flight Service of the German Federal Police (BPOLFLD), in close cooperation with the Czech Institute for Radiation Protection (SÚRO).


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