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Electromagnetic fields Centre of excellence for radiation protection in power network expansion

The open-ended and independent clarification of open research questions is for precautionary reasons an indispensable accompaniment to the expansion of the power network. This is the conclusion drawn by participants of the launch event on 11 July 2017 in Berlin for the research programme "Radiation protection in power network expansion". Around 80 representatives from science, politics, companies and citizens' initiatives discussed the 18 million euro research package from the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS). It was repeatedly highlighted that the BfS was taking on an important role as a centre of excellence for radiation protection in the expansion of the power network.

Ionising radiation Chernobyl: Measurements of environmental radioactivity after forest fire

The measurement values of radioactivity in the air in Germany are currently at the usual levels, even after a forest fire around Chernobyl. This is the finding from precautionary measurements and calculations made by the Federal Ministry for Radiation Protection (BfS). Forest fires like this current one have been occurring more frequently around Chernobyl, most recently in 2015. At that time too, the BfS could not ascertain any effect on environmental radioactivity in Germany.

Ionising radiation International measurement exercise successfully completed

Capacity to act swiftly and reliable measurement results – that was demonstrated by the BfS teams during an international helicopter measurement exercise that took place in Switzerland from 26 June to 30 June 2017. In co-operation with teams from Switzerland, France, and the Czech Republic, the specialists of the BfS and the federal police force (BPOL) practised an emergency. The teams measured radioactive substances deposited on and in the ground from a helicopter.

Ionising radiation Federal Office for Radiation Protection as a film set

Scenes for prize-winning ARD series "Weissensee" are being filmed at the BfS site in Berlin-Karlshorst. Before the steps of the old lecture theatre, a film team has been filming around 15 extras equipped with flags and banners. At the same time, another team has been furnishing further spaces inside the main building with props and spotlights for upcoming scenes. For the fourth sea-son of the ARD series “Weissensee”, parts of the BfS site in Berlin-Karlshorst have been transport-ed back to one day in 1990. The production company selected the Berlin BfS building because of its typical East German structure and corresponding interior features.

Optical Radiation Sun protection and skin cancer prevention: Cities in the focus as a result of climate change

In future, climate and climate change will have a significant impact on the health of people living in cities. Heat stress increases and experts foresee a rising skin cancer risk, because: People will spend more time outdoors on more sunny days . In order to give citizens the opportunity to protect themselves against excessive UV- and thermal solar radiation, prevention specialists demand urban development policy to actively address this scenario. That is the result of a specialist workshop in Hamburg which was carried out by Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dermatologische Prävention e.V. (ADP), Deutsche Krebshilfe, and the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) at the end of April.


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