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BfS annual report 2017/18 published

RESEARCHING, INFORMING, PROTECTING – that is the motto of the current annual report of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS). The Act on the Institutional Restructuring of Radioactive Waste Disposal that became effective in 2016 also involved the restructuring of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection. With the annual report 2017/18 published now, the Federal Office presents itself with its new tasks and wide spectrum of topics.

Better protection against harmful radiation

New Radiation Protection Ordinance promotes consumers

Ionising radiation Art in architecture: Dedication of the "Gelbe Kabine" (Yellow cabin)

On 20 September 2018, the work of art "Die gelbe Kabine" was officially dedicated in front of the BfS head office in Salzgitter. The work of artist Iris Musolf is a faithful replica of a Ferris wheel cabin in a pleasure park in the Ukrainian town of Pripyat. It is a reminder of the reactor disaster at Chernobyl and is therefore of direct relevance to the history of the foundation of the BfS.

Ionising radiation Resolution passed for ordinance to modernise radiation protection law

On 5 September 2018, on the suggestion of Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze, the federal cabinet resolved to enact an ordinance to modernise radiation protection law. This will improve the protection of health against ionising and non-ionising radiation. The ordinance will come into effect on 31 December 2018; the Bundesrat must come to agreement first.

Ionising radiation Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze visits BfS in Neuherberg

Radiation cannot be tasted, seen or felt – but protection against it is absolutely necessary. To find out how and to what degree, Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze visited the BfS on 27 August 2018. At the BfS offices in Neuherberg, she learned about emergency nuclear protection and protection against ultraviolet radiation as part of her summer trip through Bavaria.


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