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Photo gallery: 2018 Measurement exercise in Chernobyl, Ukraine

Together with the Ukrainian nuclear regulatory authority (State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine), staff of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) conducted a measurement exercise in the 30-kilometre-zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (Ukraine) from September 3 to September 7, 2018. Stefan Seifert, physicist, Daniel Esch, physicist, and Hermann John, in-situ technician, reported about the exercise in a video diary. Here are some more impressions.

If you click on one of the pictures, you can conveniently navigate through them using the arrow keys. The caption briefly describes what is shown in the picture.

  • Building in the evacuated city of Pryajat (show image)
  • Visitors painted two bears on a wall. (show image)
  • A BfS staff conducts an ODL measurement on site (show image)
  • BfS measurement vehicles standing in a line on a square in Prypjat (show image)
  • Two BfS staff with mobile ODL measuring devices and respirators on site (show image)
  • Several BfS staff jointly conduct gamma spectrometric measurements at the reference measuring point. (show image)
  • Several persons equipped with measuring devices crossing a square side by side. (show image)
  • During a measurement, two BfS staff are standing by an ODL measuring device mounted to a tripod. (show image)
  • An employee with mobile ODL measuring device is walking towards an in-situ gamma spectrometer (show image)
  • Several BfS staff filling the in-situ gamma spectrometers with liquid nitrogen. (show image)
  • The vehicle seats are equipped with protective covers and the footwell is covered with foil. (show image)
  • Backpacks placed on a table and a bench. (show image)
  • Two staff put on their respirators (show image)
  • The ruins are surrounded by rusty building cranes (show image)
  • Panel for Reactor Unit 3 (show image)
  • Display panel with round scale appliances (show image)
  • Control panel with several buttons and switches (show image)
  • Display panel with control lights (show image)
  • A man is decontaminating a truck using a high-pressure cleaner (show image)
  • All participants have lined up for a group photo (show image)

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