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Photo gallery: Measurement exercise 2016 in Chernobyl, Ukraine

From 26 to 29 September 2016, staff members of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) conducted a measurement exercise together with colleagues from the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine in the exclusion zone around the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl. Daniel Esch, a physicist at the BfS, reported for us about the exercise in his online diary. Here are some more impressions.

If you click on one of the pictures, you can conveniently navigate through them using the arrow keys. The caption briefly describes what is shown in the picture.

  • Warning sign at the entrance to the 30-kilometre-zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (show image)
  • Handheld measuring device used to determine the ambient dose rate in front of the Chernobyl reactor. The display shows a value of 3.04 microsievert per hour. (show image)
  • The team explores the terrain with portable ODL gauges (show image)
  • The box with a soil sample is carried to the car (show image)
  • Monitoring the measurement on the laptop (show image)
  • Flugdrohne in der Luft (show image)
  • Here, the measuring instrument displays 7 microsieverts per hour. (show image)
  • The group paces the field off with measuring instruments  (show image)
  • Measuring the radioactivity in the exclusion zone around the damaged Chernobyl nuclear power plant with two different types of gamma spectrometers - in the foreground a sign warns against enhanced levels of radioactivity   (show image)
  •  In-Situ-Gammaspektrometer  (show image)
  • The glove is glued to the protective suit (show image)
  • Applying of the respirator (show image)
  • The shielding factor of a vehicle is determined on a provisional road made of wooden planks (show image)
  • Participants of the measuring exercise in personal protective equipment in the measuring vehicle (show image)
  • In-situ gamma spectrometry in front of an abandoned building (show image)
  • Verfallene Tribünen des ehemaligen Stadions in der verlassenen Stadt Prypjat (show image)
  • Abandoned Ferris wheel in Pripyat (near Chernobyl) (show image)
  • Verfallende Autoscouter im Vergnügungspark (show image)
  • Signs in the 30-kilometre zone around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant (show image)
  • Warning signs in the sun in front of a workshop (show image)
  • The place signs of the places that have been evacuated since the reactor disaster are placed in two rows. (show image)
  • Flowers for the Chernobyl firefighters (show image)

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