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Compatibility of work, family life, and domestic care

Family living conditions may lead to particular pressure or requirement situations in employees that may reduce their commitment and performance. In these situations, we try to develop individual options to solve these problems jointly with the persons concerned. The objective is to realise family-friendly working conditions to the greatest possible extent and to develop them further on a regular basis.

We offer the following instruments:

  • Flexitime
  • Part-time work
  • Telework
  • Temporary leaves
  • Parent/child workroom
  • Family service as free-of-charge advisory and placement service relating to childcare and the care for relatives in need of care
  • High flexibility and unconventional help in emergency situations
  • Gradual retirement (e.g. semi-retirement)
  • Priority of parents of minor and school-age children in terms of holiday planning
  • Opportunities for further education during parental leave or, respectively, during a leave of absence
  • Bearing childcare expenses in certain cases during training periods of the parents.

Eltern-Kind-Zimmer in Salzgitter Familienarbeitszimmer SZEltern-Kind-Zimmer in Salzgitter

Family-friendly office hours and conditions

The compatibility of family and work life is of great concern to the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS). It has also been taken into account in the BfS guiding principles.

At the BfS, parental leave and various working models (such as part-time, flexitime or teleworking) are used by more and more mothers and, increasingly, also by fathers.

Under specific conditions, the BfS takes over the childcare costs having occurred in the unlikely event that operational and family conditions are not compatible and the respective employees need to be present outside regular working hours.

Eltern-Kind-Zimmer in Berlin Familienarbeitszimmer BEltern-Kind-Zimmer in Berlin

Parent/child workroom

Parent/child workrooms are available in the BfS branch offices in Salzgitter and Berlin. They are equipped with office desk and computer workplace and also with baby-changing facility, travel cot and toys for the children. So, should regular childcare not be possible temporarily or should the child be slightly ill, parents can take their children to their workplace and take care of them.

In the Neuherberg office, a mobile nappy-changing facility, a travel bed and toys are available. If needed, these can be taken into the office, so that children can be taken care of at one’s own workplace.

In all branch offices children can be taken care of at the workplace temporarily.

Advisory and placement service

All BfS employees have an advisory and placement service at their disposal. This service deals with all issues concerning childcare and care of family members who require nursing.

In an internet portal questions are answered and basic information is provided. Should there be a special need for advice, the service team can be contacted anonymously.

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