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BfS works for the safety and protection of man and the environment against damage due to ionising and non-ionising radiation. In the field of ionising radiation there are, e. g., X-ray diagnostics in medicine, safety in the handling of radioactive substances in nuclear technology and the protection against enhanced natural radioactivity. The work in the field of non-ionising radiation includes the protection against ultraviolet radiation and the effects of mobile communication.

Of special importance are, in addition to the defence against immediate hazards, the precautions for the protection of the general public, persons employed in the working world as well as patients in the medical field.

Das Gebäudes des Hauptsitzes in Salzgitter


The Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) is an organisationally independent scientific-technical higher federal authority in the portfolio of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU).

Adressen und Anfahrtsbeschreibungen des BfS


This page provides an overview of the various offices staffed by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection and their different locations within Germany.

The headquarters of the BfS are in Salzgitter; other specialist divisions are based in Berlin, Neuherberg near Munich, Bonn and Freiburg. This page contains the exact location of the offices with maps and directions on how to find them.

Organigramm des BfS

Organisational Structure and File Plan

At the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, the organisational structure (Organisational Chart) and the structure of document management (File Plan) are illustrated in organisational plans. The organisational structure of the BfS has been depicted in an organisational chart providing information about the organisational units of the BfS and their allocation of tasks. The BfS takes important decisions in terms of human resources and organisation only with the consent of the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU). Details have been regulated by the BMU in a delegation decree.

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