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The Federal Office for Radiation Protection's principles for the further development of radiation protection

The task of radiation protection is to protect man and environment against the detrimental effects of ionising and non-ionising radiation.

Radiation protection has to take into account technical, ethic and moral aspects

This task goes far beyond technology and metrology. It comprises specialist protection concepts and principles, takes into account ethic principles and social, moral concepts about what goods are to be protected, what protection level is to be achieved or ensured, and how precautionary and protection measures are to be set out in detail to achieve the protection goals.

For this purpose, applications of radioactive substances, man-made ionising and non-ionising radiation need to be taken into consideration in the same way as environmental radiation exposures, in particular if they pose concrete risks.

"Principles for the further development of radiation protection" as a framework for orientation and activities

The Principles for the Further Development of Radiation Protection have been developed by the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS). In the principles, objectives and perspectives for national radiation protection are formulated on the basis of a summary of current radiation protection fundamentals.

They form a framework for orientation and activities which is suitable for bringing, in a transparent and comprehensible way, the future, content-related works of BfS relating to the further development of radiation protection in line with clear objectives.

State of 2017.02.09

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