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High Level and Expert Group on low dose risk research


The High Level and Expert Group (HLEG) was an initiative of representatives of six national bodies with a policy interest or substantial research activities in low dose risk research and the EC EURATOM research programme. They were assisted by experts from the research community to identify research priorities and training needs.

The Secretariat functions of the HLEG were carried out by BfS.

The results of the HLEG

  • The formulation of the policy goals to be addressed by low dose risk research;
  • the development of a strategic research agenda and road map for low dose risk research in Europe;
  • the specification of the essential elements of and next steps for establishing a sustainable operational framework for low dose risk research in Europe;
  • the creation of a scientific platform named: Multidisciplinary European Low Dose Initiative (MELODI).

The final HLEG report (January 2009) is available on the EU website.

State of 2018.03.16

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