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Innovative integrative tools and platforms to be prepared for radiological emergencies and post-accident response in Europe (PREPARE)

This proposal aims to close gaps that have been identified in nuclear and radiological preparedness following the first evaluation of the Fukushima disaster. The consortium

  • intends to review existing operational procedures for dealing with long lasting releases,
  • addresses cross border problems in monitoring and food safety and
  • will further develop missing functionalities in decision support systems ranging from improved source term estimation and dispersion modelling to the inclusion of hydrological pathways for European water bodies.

As the management of the Fukushima event in Europe was far from optimal, we propose to develop the means on a scientific and operational basis to improve

  • information collection,
  • information exchange and
  • the evaluation of such types of disasters.

This will be achieved through a collaboration of industry, research and governmental organisations in Europe taking into account the networking activities carried out under the NERIS-TP project. Furthermore, the NERIS Platform member organisations (so far 43 partners) will be actively involved in the development.

Duration: 1 February 2013 to 1 February 2016

State of 2016.07.08

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