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Departmental research

  • To carry out its legal tasks, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) has technical-scientific questions clarified that are of fundamental importance for the protection of man against the dangers from ionising and non-ionising radiation.
  • Technical capacities at the BfS are provided to the BMU for the development of the required scientific-technical and legal bases and the BMU provides budgetary resources for awarding departmental research projects to external research institutions.
  • In the BfS publication series "Ressortforschungsberichte zur kerntechnischen Sicherheit und zum Strahlenschutz" reports of research projects have been published which were developed in the scope of the Environmental Research Plan (UFOPLAN) of the Federal Environment Ministry and professionally supported by the BfS.

To clarify specific radiation protection issues, the BfS designs and initiates investigations, expert reports and studies at

  • Universities,
  • Research institutes,
  • Expert organisations, or
  • Private enterprises.

The research results are evaluated by the BfS and provide the BMU with decision criteria for the preparation, implementation and examination or, respectively, further development of legal regulations. This is the only way for the BMU to live up competently to its responsibility for radiation protection within the framework of federal supervision.

Departmental research of the BMU thus means the development of scientific bases for the BMU’s departmental tasks and advice on these tasks. This is what distinguishes departmental research from general research support for which generally the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) is responsible.

BfS research and development projects

The Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) performs own research in the fields of

The BfS supports the BMU professionally and scientifically in the planning and implementation of departmental research whose projects are planned to be awarded to external research institutions. It is especially responsible for the planning, subject-related preparation, scientific monitoring, and evaluation of the research projects.

What is the planned procedure with regard to departmental research projects awarded to external institutions?

  • Planning of research
    The departmental research projects to be carried out in the field of radiation protection are set out annually in the BMU departmental research plan. A departmental research project is generally prompted by the BfS’ or BMU’s specialist work units; however, third parties (such as university institutions) may also prompt a project. All new projects are listed in the departmental research plan of 2016.
  • Specialist support of projects
    Research projects are generally awarded following a public tender. The subject-related preparation for awarding contracts and the scientific monitoring during the entire lifetime of a project up to its successful completion is an important tasks of the BfS professional advisors.
  • Evaluation of results
    In order for the results of the research projects to be taken into account in the specialist work of the BMU, the key findings are summarised by the professional advisors of the BfS and evaluated with regard to preparation, review, further development or implementation of legal regulations.
  • Documentation
    The results elaborated in the scope of departmental research projects are published electronically in the BfS publication series "Ressortforschungsberichte zur kerntechnischen Sicherheit und zum Strahlenschutz" or in the BMU publication series " Reaktorsicherheit und Strahlenschutz". Older publications of the BMU publication series are available in print. A summary of the radiation protection projects is additionally presented in the annually published Radiation Protection Research Programme Report.
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