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Medical radiation exposures / X-ray Ordinance

BfS co-operation on "Medical radiation exposure" with national and international universities:

Imaging for Selection, Monitoring and Individualisation of Cancer Therapies

Co-operation partners

  • Technical University Munich, Special Research Area (SFB)


The development of new pharmaceuticals and marked probes which either intervene in or address biological processes and signal cascades has given rise to high expectations, especially among oncologists, concerning imaging procedures, and produced a whole new series of innovative research concepts. The aim of the SFB initiative is to develop devices and methods associated with molecular multimodal imaging still further and to implement the methodology to monitor and optimise cancer-related therapeutic interventions in a focused manner. The BfS is involved in a project to optimise PET and dynamic MRT used to characterise the microcirculation in liver tumours. For the BfS employees involved, inclusion in the DFG SFB offers the unique opportunity to become familiar with new imaging techniques which will at some point require radiation hygiene assessment ("generic justification of new procedures").

State of 2017.03.01

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