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Ionising Radiation

Among others, the German Bundestag dealt with topics affecting the tasks of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS). In the following you will find links relating to the Parliamentary Material Information System (DIP) of the German Bundestag.

The compilation includes answers to parliamentary inquiries on the topic of ionising radiation which have been answered by the federal government on the basis of contributions made by the BfS or, respectively, whose topics are among the tasks of the BfS. The documents are in German only.

Parliamentary Inquiries on the Topic of ionising Radiation
DateTopicDocument number
13.04.2018Serious nuclear accident with release of ruthenium-106 in September 201719/1645
02.03.2018Issuing of a decree for the enforcement of § 136 of the Act on the protection against the harmful effects of ionising radiation; written question no. 6519/1039
20 July 2017Environmental radioactivity and radiation exposure in 201518/13180
8 September 2016Environmental radioactivity and radiation exposure in 201418/9600
29 March 201630 years Chernobyl - Damage to the Federal Republic of Germany18/7996
21 March 201630 years Chernobyl – Current situation in the Ukraine18/7937
29 February 2016Latest developments in Fukushima and other Japanese nuclear sites18/7739
13 July 2015Environmental radioactivity and radiation exposure in 201318/5565
17 April 2015Damages to health by military radar installations18/4651
9 April 201529 years of Chernobyl – Current situation in the Ukraine18/4576
27 March 2015Adaptation of disaster control for the Berlin Research Reactor BER II according to the German Commission on Radiological Protection18/4497
16 December 2014Long-term risks of exposure to radon18/3543
7 August 2014State of the art of science and technology in terms of benefits and risks of mammography screening18/2299
3 March 2014Environmental radioactivity and radiation exposure in 201018/708
25 April 2014Current developments in Chernobyl and other nuclear sites in Ukraine18/1242
12 July 2013Environmental radioactivity and radiation exposure in 201117/14395
12 October 2012Question regarding control and monitoring bodies for the effective countering of threatening radioactive exposure to the Arctiv Ocean due to Russian nuclear submarines (page 107 question 134)17/10968
1 June 2012Has radioactively contaminated food or feed or from Japan come onto the European market since the disaster in Fukushima? (Protocol items 67 - 70)17/9855
30 May 2012Necessary measures against the pollution of soil and water due to uranium-containing fertilisers17/9831
29 May 2012Federal Armed Forces' management of the effects on human health resulting from the utilisation of radioactive luminous paint17/9818
30 April 2012Environmental radioactivity and radiation exposure in 201017/9522
13 January 2012Potential risk due to radioactively contaminated food from Japan 10 months after the Fukushima reactor accident (Protocol items 22 and 23)17/8322
26 April 2011Conclusions concerning civil protection from the nuclear accident in the Fukushima nuclear power plant17/5653
11 May 2011Contamination of seagoing vessels17/5792
5 May 2011Radioactively contaminated food from Japan17/5720
20 August 2010Dangers of radioactivity being released as a result of the forest fires in Russia and Ukraine in connection with the nuclear power plants and the contaminated ground there (page 84)17/2775
13 August 2010Import of junk steel to Germany - control measures (page 80)17/2748
28 June 2010Uranium in drinking water - health protection and definition of limit values 17/2303
24 February 2010Radioactive residue during oil and gas production17/844
13 March 2009First-time knowledge of the federal government concerning possible health damages resulting from work in the Asse II mine and assessment of the dosimeter protocols from former workers (page 57)16/12247
11 February 2009Measures by the federal government to clarify the leukaemia of a former Asse worker (page 22053)16/204
17 November 2008Uranium in phosphate fertilisers – uranium in laws dealing with fertilisers, ground protection and water16/11539
14 May 2008State of the extension of the Grafenwöhr military training ground and compliance with the Flora-Fauna-Habitat (FFH) directive16/9526
14 March 2008Future of generating electricity from coal16/9032
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