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BfS-topics in the Bundestag

Among others, the German Bundestag dealt with topics affecting the tasks of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS). In the following you will find links relating to the Parliamentary Material Information System (DIP) of the German Bundestag.

The compilation includes answers to parliamentary inquiries which have been answered by the federal government on the basis of contributions made by the BfS or, respectively, whose topics are among the tasks of the BfS. The documents are in German only.

General topics
03.042018Deployment of civil servants from federal ministries, the Federal Chancellery, or federal authorities in the private sector19/1511
26.06.2017Use of free software in federal authorities18/12906
20.02.2017 Temporary work and service contracts in federal ministries, subordinate authorities and agencies18/11247
16.01.2017 Cyber security strategy of the federal government18/10839
13.09.2016Relations of telecommunications companies with the federal government18/9620
08.02.2016Opportunities offered by the use of Open Data18/7485
01.02.2016Time limit, temporary employment and outsourcing in federal ministries and their subordinate authorities18/7432
06.11.2015The federal government's public relations work in social media18/6609
08.09.2015File management of electronic, digital, cinematographic and photographic files and/or documents18/5937
16.07.2015The federal government's transport and building policy and relations to different stakeholders18/5571
05.03.2015On the federal government's plans relating to the federal departments' coming to terms with the NS past18/4238
20.01.2015Use of recycling paper and paper usage in federal government facilities and subordinate authorities in 2012 and 201318/3780
06.05.2014Temporary employment in Federal Ministries, subordinate offices and agencies 18/1323
01.02.2013Precarious employment in Federal Ministries, subordinate offices and agencies 17/12248
19.12.2012Implementation of the federal government's Traineeship Directive 17/11951
07.12.2012Questions concerning the Director General of Nuclear Safety in the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety17/11788
25.04.2012Copyright situation, open data and open licences relating to federal government documents and contents 17/9374
05.04.2012Recruitment of young talents in the public sector and promotion of trainees and young employees 17/9268
10.02.2012Federal government's position on how the prohibition on exercising an occupation is practiced 17/8667
10.02.2012Temping and outsourcing in federal ministries, subordinate offices and agencies17/8664
30.11.2011Efficient enforcement of the Federal Equality Law - implementation of respective measures as a result of the second field report on the Federal Equality Law17/7965
25.11.2011German capacities in satellite observation and its use for international police and military missions17/7806
21.10.2011State of implementation of the "audit berufundfamilie" in the Federal ministries' subordinate authorities17/7435
17.08.2011Safety relevance of highly sophisticated malware like Stuxnet for German nuclear power plants and industrial process control17/6793
27.07.2011Ratio of remonstrations to early retirements of public servants 17/6692
30.03.2011The German Federal Government's commitment to climate protection17/5340
02.02.2011Labour leasing in German federal ministries, subordinate agencies and authorities in the year 201017/4626
26.07.2010Consumption of paper, use of recycling paper and the introduction of certified environmental management systems in institutions of the Federal Government and subordinate agencies 17/2653
21.07.2010Sustainable procurement on the Federal level17/2613
18.06.2010Which companies provide postal services to which Federal authorities, and to what extent (page 5)?17/2223

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